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Emplamold was founded in 1990 aiming to make up a market need
to have strong partners in activities related to plastics engineering and
processing tools. Our proposal is to bring solutions to customers,
aggregating value to their products through smart design, quality of
services and use of technology. As a supplier of pieces and tools for other
industries, we are committed with the final products of our customers. Our goal
is to exceed expectations and always be ready for new challenges.

Overcome the expectation of people who needs partners in
innovative solutions, contributing with their projects and processes,
through an agile a compromised team.

Emplamold has industrial installations located in two places which is:
Diadema and Sergipe: Both Industrial courtyard with 1,500 m2, injectors 100-530 tons
focused in the process of injection of thermoplastic components.

* Respect society and the environment
* Commitment and Professionalism
* Valuing the work
* Union
* Excellence - Always aiming in deliver products with the highest quality possible
* Innovation


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